IXCASH, the affiliate program for webmasters promoting ISEEXYOU community, the best known community of webcammers in Italy. All our members are real people who like to videochat to meet new guys and girls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to promote IXCASH?
It's so simple, you just need to register here, enter in your back-office using the login form in the right top of every page and create a new campaign.
How can I get access to my stats?
To access your stats you only need to log in using your username and password in the top right box, once you logged in on the left panel you can find your stats.
Can I subscribe like a private?
For sure, if you are private Webmaster you can work with us.
Do I need to be over 18 year old?
Yes, this is mandatory. You MUST be over 18 to join our program.
How much can I earn?
That's a common question! Answer is easy; it's up to you. What we can tell is that adult webcam business is booming, that our promotional tools are ones of the best in the market and that we have so thousand of happy Webmaster from every part of the world working with us.
What's currency is payment processed?
Payments are processed in Euro.
When do you process payments?
We process payment once a month, the day 15th of next month. For instance you will get the money earn in march the 15th of April.
Which payment method do you use?
We process payment through wire transfer, checks.
What's the minimum payment?
We don't process payment lower than 100 Euro. If you don't reach this total in one month, you won't lose your com mission we will carry them on to next months until you reach 100 Euro.
What should I do if I don't get the payment?
Where can I find yours promotional tools?
All of them are in your back-office once you logged in.
How could I change my account data?
You can do everything from your back-office once you logged in.
Do I need a website to participate your program?
No absolutely! IXCASH offers you a free amazing white label website.
What's a white label website?
A white label website is a website that to be managed doesn't required any IT technical knowledge. The website is ready to be online in 5 minutes you just need to decide the template, colour, logo, keywords and that's it! Look at our white label site section to get more.
How many languages does your white label website support?
We are proud to tell you that IXCASH sites support 5 different languages: English, Italian, German, Turkish and German.
Which website don't you accepted?
We DON'T accept websites with illegal contents, websites promoting escort, minor and animal abuses websites.
Can we use your name and your brand on mine sites?
You can use our name and brands through our promotional tools.
Can I open more than one account?
No that's any possible, but inside of your account you can have as much campaigns as you like.
Do you offer technical assistance?
Yes we have a Webmaster support in English and Italian.
Which promotional tools can I use?
You can use SEO, Pay Per Click, E-mail marketing, sub-affiliations and what ever else you like.(Social media marketing work really well with adult webcam business ;-)
Do you offer some marketing suggestions?

Yes of course, IXCASH provides you a team of Search Marketing technical experts to answer your question. You can contact them on our forum.

We also send out a monthly newsletter with the best SEO tips to succeed with yours campaigns.

Is ISEEXYOU an escort website?
Absolutely NO! ISEEXYOU is not an escort website, it's a webcam community to contact new persons.

Further questions?

Contact us, we will be glad to help you.